Truck Accidents

Most collisions with trucks and 18 wheelers happen at slow speeds. However, even though there may have been minimal impact between the truck and your car, truck or SUV, being a passenger in the smaller vehicle means you will often suffer more serious injuries during the impact with a much larger vehicle. A tractor trailer may weight 20 to 30 times more than your average car and that entire force comes down on you during a collision.

Speed only makes it worse.

There are many reasons why tractor trailers are such a hazard on the road. They have much larger blind spots than the average car. They are located to the sides and rear of the truck. For a tractor trailer driver, they cannot see these portions of the road.

These types of trucks also have a longer acceleration and stopping distance than your average car. They may also be carrying hazardous materials, including gas, nu-clear waste, or corrosive agents. These can all escape from the vehicle during an ac-cident and cause significant injuries.

When you’re in a car accident you’ll collect all the information you need to identify a trucking company. However, chances are they’ll say it wasn’t their fault, almost all of them do.

It is important to contact an attorney soon after the crash. At Earner & Weaver, we will seek out and request to see video surveillance from traffic cams, or personal property, or public businesses. We also interview first responders, witnesses, and secure critical records from the trucking company, which will likely be useful in ful-ly evaluating your claim.

We will help you through the confusing process and answer basic questions, like: who is responsible for covering your out-of-pocket expenses? Our position is that if the trucking company and tractor trailer are at fault, then we begin there. But they don’t always do what is right.

Finally, trucking accidents often involve fatalities. These can be heartbreaking for the survivors of a loved one and they also require special and immediate attention. If you lost someone in a trucking accident, it is important that you call us as soon as possible. There are strict timelines on when certain legal requirements have to be met or the company can get away without consequence.

It’s important to make a claim against the truck company so you receive the compensation that you or your family are due. There may be many more expenses ahead that you may not be aware of yet.

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