Motorcycle Accidents

Have you just been involved in a motorcycle accident but aren’t certain if you need a good motorcycle lawyer? If you’ve been in a motorcycle with car accident and experienced any form of loss—brain injury, broken bones, loss of your motorcycle—you need to contact our firm today.

There are many reasons why you need to hire an attorney after a motorcycle accident. The first is in dealing with insurance companies—your own motorcycle insurance provider—then the car driver’s insurance— and your own healthcare insurance. There can be many forms to fill out, and the insurance companies can go back and forth, while you wait in the background for months.

A skilled motorcycle accident lawyer can assist you through this process so you can get the money owing you much faster than if you simply tackled the process alone. A biker attorney also provides an impartial point-of-view. For instance, if your laws don’t require you to wear a helmet, they can assist in getting you a higher offer because the other side is trying to punish you because you weren’t wearing a helmet.

At Earner & Weaver, we know exactly what needs to be done, from gathering evidence, to filling out forms, and knowing what ballpark figure to get for your settlement. We also do all the work in collecting the evidence. This can include getting medical records, police reports, and more. We deal directly with the insurance company or companies and make sure they are doing what is right.

Note: It’s important to avoid dealing with the insurance adjuster, as they can try to get you to take the lowest amount of settlement possible, even if they say they are trying to “help you.”

In addition to the present challenged these cases sometimes present, we also factor in future costs for managing your illness. It is unlikely that you will have an accurate estimate of what future medical costs may involve, but motorcycle accident attorneys do, as they’ve dealt with this concern before.

When you work with us, we explain the process to you, keep you as involved as you want to be through every step, and answer questions. Ultimately, you will make the final decisions in the case, but we counsel and offer advise on to what to do, or what not to do during the process and what a fair resolution actually is.

It can be difficult wading through the tricky motorcycle accident victims’ process, but when you hire expert motorcycle lawyers, you’ll be receiving the compensation that’s due to you.

It is always free to talk with us. If you have questions after a car accident, we will be glad to help. Call us at (877) 862-4635 or use the contact form to reach out.