Hit on Bicycle

What to do When You’ve Been Hit By Car on Bicycle

If you regularly ride your bicycle around the roadways, being hit by a car on bike is one of the worst things that can happen to you. Many times you’ll suffer from injuries, and have to deal with lost wages or excessive medical bills that may not be covered by your insurance provider.

If you’ve ever been hit by car on bike, it’s important to follow the right steps so that not only are you legally protected, but that you get the right compensation too.

After you’ve been hit, you may need some assistance in getting yourself and the bicycle out of the road or street, so that traffic can safely pass by. At this point, you need to call the police. They’ll dispatch an ambulance and law enforcement to your location.

You Should Get as Much Information as Possible

If you aren’t injured too badly, ask to see the driver’s ID and record details, including phone number. Also, record their driver’s license information and driver’s insurance company details, in case they give you a wrong phone number.

It’s important to file a police report right at the beginning. Gather together as much information as you can, and take photographs of the accident scene. Gather together as many witnesses as you can, including people who were crossing the street with you. There may even be traffic cams in that spot that will back up your story.

Once the police arrive, you’ll explain the situation and receive medical care. Usually it’s recommended that you be taken to the hospital, as many injuries caused by being hit by a car can surface over the next few days.

At this point it is best to contact a skilled attorney to help you before speaking with anyone else about the potential claim. You may get a call from the drivers insurance telling you that need to fill out accident reports and give a statement. They may even offer you money to sign paperwork agreeing not to sue them. This is a trap.

We recommend you never speak to the insurance company without first speaking to a lawyer. This is critical.

What will a lawyer help me with?

First, the lawyer will help make sure the at fault drivers company covers all of your required medical treatment. 

Chances are that your bike has also been totaled. You may have held great attachment to it, and it may have cost you a considerable amount of cash to buy it. You also need to seek compensation to get your bike replaced.

Another issue that you may have is that the driver at fault may change his story. At first, he’ll be apologetic, and tell you how his insurance company will replace your bike and cover your injuries.

But once you do seek a claim, his story changes and now it’s somehow your fault. We can help with that too. 

Suffering personal injury after being hit by car on bike can be a painful process, both for your body and your mind and we work to help ease the suffering as best we can by helping you get proper care and compensation.