Hit in Crosswalk

Traffic lights and white walk signals should be enough to keep you safe when you cross a street, but often the unexpected can happen. It’s your turn to cross the street but then you get hit by car in crosswalk. If you’re lucky, you only have bruises and can pick yourself up and go on your way. In the worst scenario, you’ll be taken to the hospital unconscious.

Being a pedestrian and getting hit by a car can be a more challenging process to deal with when filling out accident reports. First, you’re likely injured far worse than you think. There’s a specific process you need to take so you can protect your health, your legal interests, and receive what’s due to you by insurance companies. 

After being hit by a car, check yourself first. If you can safely do so, get out of the street and onto the sidewalk. If it’s a hit and run, the driver will take off. Do your best to mentally record make and model of car, and licence plate number. You’ll want to find witnesses who will also give you information.

If you are injured—and most people hit by a car will be at least minimally injured—you’ll need to call 911 for medical attention. You may be suffering internal injuries and you should get them checked out in a hospital.

911 will dispatch an ambulance. Depending on the severity of the traffic accident, or in the case of hit and run, they’ll also dispatch the police.

If the driver of the vehicle sticks around, ensure that they’re helpful. If they’re angry or have the potential to become violent, you also have the right to request the police to come to the accident scene.

You’ll then receive immediate medical care. Accident reports will need to be filled out, and you’ll need to contact insurance companies and an injury attorney..

One of the main issues you may encounter is that the driver will say they had the right of way, and that you crossed at a “no walk sign” or a “red light”. You may need to prove in court that you’re in the right. There are ways to provide proof after being hit by a car. There can be witnesses, there may be traffic cams that can be checked, and the police may also do breathalyzer tests to see if the driver was under-the-influence. They may also have been using their cellphones while driving. We can help you work through all that.