Dangerous Drugs

When you are prescribed a medication or the use of medical technology is recommended to relieve your pain and suffering, you have no reason to question it. Why would you? You know that medications and implant surgeries are helping people live better lives all the time…but you may not have realized that often these medications and medical devices cause severe, even fatal, side effects. Don’t let dangerous products marketed by medical giants who seem more motivated by profits than safety ruin your health. If you or a loved one has suffered a serious side effect or illness due to a drug or implant surgery, you need the reliable and determined attorneys in your corner.

Pharmaceutical companies are not quick to admit fault. In fact, they’re often defended by large insurance companies with deep pockets. Earner & Weaver have access to the skills, knowledge, and experience to represent you with the resolve to win. We know it’s shocking to suffer a serious injury or illness caused by a medication or device that was supposedly designed to help you. When pharmaceutical companies promote drugs and medical devices, or take advantage of “off-label” use by repurposing a medicine’s original treatment without the necessary testing, it puts the public at risk. These deceptive marketing tactics, often lead to pain and suffering of innocent people, and these companies need to be held accountable. 

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