How Do I Sue UPS?

United Parcel Service is one of the largest shipping carriers in North America, so it’s no surprise that in the last year alone there were over 5000 crashes across the country that involved UPS trucks and other vehicles. If you’ve been in a traffic collision with a UPS truck and have suffered losses or damages, you want to ensure that you can sue UPS to get compensation. But you may be wondering how do I sue UPS?

While UPS sounds like it has a high incidents of traffic accidents, it’s technically not higher than any other transportation company. However, sometime people get seriously hurt in these situations. In these instances, UPS paid out in millions of dollars worth of settlements.

If you’re one of the people who has been injured by a UPS truck in 2018, you should hire a car and truck accident lawyer to assist you. This is especially true when the accident wasn’t your fault. In those situations, UPS as a company is responsible for the negligence in this situation.

The process suing UPS isn’t much different than other vehicle accidents. Except in this situation both the driver and the company are liable. This is possible because of a legal doctrine called “Respondeat Superior,” which is a latin term that means “let the master answer.” In a situation where a UPS truck hits you either in your vehicle, while you are on a bike, or as a pedestrian, it makes it so the company and the driver are both liable.

Sometimes it is determined that drivers that driver who cause the accidents are inexperienced and under-trained. It is not unheard of that the drivers are not only hastily hired to fulfill the great need for delivery drivers, but they are not properly trained in road safety when driving a larger vehicle. They may even be overworked. Like many other companies in the USA, UPS is stressed by a system that is time-sensitive and has a higher risk for its workers. Sadly, injuries and deaths can occur with collision with UPS trucks, and the core of the fault lays with UPS themselves.

When working with UPS, the main problem people run into after getting into a crash with UPS is that the settlement offer often undervalues the injuries and losses. They count on the fact that you will just take the money and go away. They also sometimes threaten to fight the claim or state that if you don’t accept they won’t pay and will remove the offer. If that happens, you need to call us or hire a lawyer. This

If you have been hurt in a bad collision with a UPS truck driver, please consider hiring a traffic accident lawyer to handle your lawsuit. This is the best way to ensure you are being treated fairly and properly.

Your Important Choice

If you were involved in a crash as a pedestrian, it is most likely in your best interest to speak with a lawyer who focuses on injury law to get help, this is especially true if you were seriously injured. At Earner & Weaver we can help you navigate the waters of recovery and holding the person who hit you accountable. We don’t charge for consultations and only get paid from any settlements of verdicts we obtain on your behalf.

Earner & Weaver is here to help. It is always free to speak with us. If you need to speak with a lawyer about a potential claim involving whiplash, please call us at (877) 862-4635 or use the form below to submit your information to us. We will gladly help you understand your rights and options.

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