How Do I Sue UPS?

United Parcel Service is one of the largest shipping carriers in North America, so it’s no surprise that in the last year alone there were over 5000 crashes across the country that involved UPS trucks and other vehicles. If you’ve been in a traffic collision with a UPS truck and have suffered losses or damages, you want to ensure that you can sue UPS to get compensation. But you may be wondering how do I sue UPS?

While UPS sounds like it has a high incidents of traffic accidents, it’s technically not higher than any other transportation company. However, sometime people get seriously hurt in these situations. In these instances, UPS paid out in millions of dollars worth of settlements.

If you’re one of the people who has been injured by a UPS truck in 2018, you should hire a car and truck accident lawyer to assist you. This is especially true when the accident wasn’t your fault. In those situations, UPS as a company is responsible for the negligence in this situation.

The process suing UPS isn’t much different than other vehicle accidents. Except in this situation both the driver and the company are liable. This is possible because of a legal doctrine called “Respondeat Superior,” which is a latin term that means “let the master answer.” In a situation where a UPS truck hits you either in your vehicle, while you are on a bike, or as a pedestrian, it makes it so the company and the driver are both liable.

Sometimes it is determined that drivers that driver who cause the accidents are inexperienced and under-trained. It is not unheard of that the drivers are not only hastily hired to fulfill the great need for delivery drivers, but they are not properly trained in road safety when driving a larger vehicle. They may even be overworked. Like many other companies in the USA, UPS is stressed by a system that is time-sensitive and has a higher risk for its workers. Sadly, injuries and deaths can occur with collision with UPS trucks, and the core of the fault lays with UPS themselves.

When working with UPS, the main problem people run into after getting into a crash with UPS is that the settlement offer often undervalues the injuries and losses. They count on the fact that you will just take the money and go away. They also sometimes threaten to fight the claim or state that if you don’t accept they won’t pay and will remove the offer. If that happens, you need to call us or hire a lawyer. This

If you have been hurt in a bad collision with a UPS truck driver, please consider hiring a traffic accident lawyer to handle your lawsuit. This is the best way to ensure you are being treated fairly and properly.

Your Important Choice

If you were involved in a crash as a pedestrian, it is most likely in your best interest to speak with a lawyer who focuses on injury law to get help, this is especially true if you were seriously injured. At Earner & Weaver we can help you navigate the waters of recovery and holding the person who hit you accountable. We don’t charge for consultations and only get paid from any settlements of verdicts we obtain on your behalf.

Earner & Weaver is here to help. It is always free to speak with us. If you need to speak with a lawyer about a potential claim involving whiplash, please call us at (877) 862-4635 or use the form below to submit your information to us. We will gladly help you understand your rights and options.

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  1. Hi Matthew – that is a lot of information. Typically we only handle the physical injury claims against UPS. Your best option may be a general practice or consumer protection attorney.

  2. Here is the email I sent UPS
    can you take this case?

    Dear Sir or ma’am,
    My name is Matthew Shamey , I am a lifelong customer of you guys but I have had one of the most horrible experiences causing me a great deal of stress and pain mentally and physically this last week and affecting my mental health treatment I have been in since I was injured in the military. I ordered a package on 10/18/2021 from best buy. For the next few days I received messages from ups and best buy the first one said they were being delivered to expect them on 10/20 then on 10/20 in the evening I got notified when I checked the tracking that ups made a label error and the packages were held up at the Leesburg warehouse missing my apartment number. I called best buy to resolve this and they said they gave the correct address to ups so I updated the address for all packages online and with a rep from UPS and was told they would be delivered on 10/21. 10/21 I got a notification the the packages were loaded on the truck and being delivered and right before close of business I was notified they were still being held at the Leesburg Florida warehouse because the shipping address was missing the apartment number, this is where it starts to get a little ridiculous, I called best buy and had them call ups on three way that evening, the UPS representative on three way with us resolved the call by stating she had email confirmation from the UPS warehouse manager during our call and that they would put all three of my packages together that the address was fixed ( for the second time )and that they would be sending it as a priority on 10/22. On 10/22 I was notified the packages were being delivered using ups tracking and best buy system as well, then later that afternoon I was again notified that my packages were being held because of an incomplete address,

    This is where I really start to lose my patience and nerve as I had already asked the rep that confirmed this was finally fixed to please make sure as I am 100% disabled and need them to give me correct info so I am not missing my current treatment appointments at the VA waiting at home for a package that is not coming because I keep getting told it was, I made it very clear multiple times I needed to have a corporate rep from UPS call me to resolve this matter because they kept causing me great stress and confusion misleading me for 3 days straight and she confirmed someone from corporate would call me and that I would get my packages.

    That day came and guess what, the packages said they were being delivered and would be here on that day and later that evening I was again told that the address was missing info and that they were held at the Leesburg warehouse. Now I’m very upset at this point and pushed into a panic attack and mental meltdown ( reminder I am 100% totally and permanently mentally and physically disabled from combat injuries with loads of legal documents to prove how this can affect someone like me, If it gets to the point of legal suit which I am considering, I will submit that and my documented phone calls and false delivery messages from this whole situation)unless this is handled by someone from corporate I will be filing with the BBA and my VA lawyers group.

    So moving forward I decided to go to the warehouse myself where I pulled up to a very unorganized and unsecure facility, packages laying everywhere in the employee area, no sign of cameras and one employee that met me and when I told him the situation he said he had to call the manager(the same one I was promised would fix the issues put all items together and have them sent on this same day) when he called her he could not get ahold of her and informed me ironically she had a last minute funeral to go to and that she cant help me until she gets back later that evening because the one employee that was there had no access to the system to tell him where my items were. So now I’m at your warehouse where I’m told the packages are being held in the holding area, the same warehouse that told me for 3 days they were put on and off the truck and now the one employee there cant get them for me and the manager who can had a random funeral to go to and don’t know when she will be back but it will be later that evening so now I’ve not only had to physically force myself to come down to the warehouse where I was told they would be I can not get my property.

    I left and called UPS later that evening again! asking for a Corporate based rep who speaks understandable English and has the ability and power to resolve this matter because the out of country call center reps you guys use to lessen the workload of your customers you claim to value have minimal access, they are hard to understand and are not properly trained as your many horrible reviews state sadly and do you know what that says to me? Its says you got so big you don’t care about the customer who put you there or you forgot, I’m an American war vet who gave up my physical and mental health to protect this country and everyone in it including your company and all the others and I cant even get a corporate employee or official to handle this matter or call me back no matter how many times I asked, you have no corporate number online or with your reps and the ones you do have send you right back outside the country no matter how hard you try.

    I told your ups (out of country) rep I that I had to call again, like I told every rep in a respectful and as calm as possible tone that I don’t mean to come off rude to her that I know this is not her fault , I told her my problem, that I was disabled and what has happened in detail and that I desperately needed a corporate manager or supervisor to ensure this is handled properly. She told me she would do her best but that she could not get me a supervisor or corporate rep because she does not have access but that she would do what she could.

    For the record as you have recorded on that call I explained that having to repeat this so many times, being told so many times misleading information, missing work for the only job I have that works with my disabilities and having to go to the warehouse where I was told my items were held even though I physically cant barely walk, I informed her as other reps when asking for corporate help that this situation is causing me pain and suffering and also costing me the JOB I needed the computer and accessories the were in those packages that UPS was misleading me about. She asked me to hold so I assumed she was getting me the proper authority but she retuned on the line with the warehouse manager in Leesburg, the same one who told your UPS rep that was on the three way call with me and best buy the night before that she would have my packages put together that the labels were fixed and that they would be shipped that day. I greeted the manager and told her like everyone else I don’t mean to be rude that If I sound upset it was because of the events I was about to explain, when I told her about this and asked her what was going on she replied with the packages were on a semi trailer and that she has no access to them and cant get them for me that I would get them next week,

    Now I am about past my breaking point at this moment but I did my best and maintained a professional attitude with her and asked her why did she tell the ups rep the night before that she had the items and that they would be shipped priority that day and then updated the system like they did for the last 3 days saying the items were being placed on and off the truck if they were still on the semi not even unloaded and labels unseen making the whole story about UPS holding my package because of a label and address error a lie! I told her I did not believe that she was not being honest given the circumstances and that I needed her to get a corporate rep or her manager or GM of the warehouse on the phone or email for an emergency because this situation was really starting to affect and hurt me and my therapy and my disabilities and that I wanted to collect my property that next morning. This manager next got a very defensive attitude and tone and cut me off and told me she would not call her manager, that I will get my packages Monday and that’s all I will get and then she hung up the phone as me and your rep could hear he slam it down before the call disconnected right after her high tone and rude attitude. So now she’s mad at me for what? and why did she do this towards me when I explained to her respectfully what she told the ups rep and myself the night before and that now she’s saying its still not unloaded from a semi and that she don’t really know where exactly they are, I told her what her warehouse kept misleading me with telling me they are in the holding bay, they are being unloaded and loaded on a delivery truck because of the label and now they are on a semi meaning there was never a label and address issue if that were a true statement and I again informed her I was disabled and asked her to help me understand that and to get me her superior and i guess that means I deserve to get hung up on and told off? So what does she not like disabled veterans? because she seemed to get very angry when I pleaded for her truthful explanation and or a manager and the ability to get my property based on what this was causing me only to get hung up on.

    You’re rep on the phone heard it, made a statement in disbelief as did I and she stated she documented this and i informed her I have the same. The rep then said someone from corporate would call me the next day to resolve this and guess what, not to my surprise no phone call, no email, nothing from the warehouse GM, just nothing. I guess because I’m just a small piece of your business that even when I plead for help, state my now emergent health damages being caused by UPS and my emergent situation that It don’t matter enough to have a number for someone like me to call, to allow your reps to help me get in touch with a corporate member or give me a number or to even make sure i get in contact even a simple email from someone who cares and its feels a lot like there is no one at UPS that cares provoking me to idea to seek damages from your company in court for the physical and emotional pain and suffering your company has caused me that was so stressful it led me to a relapse and ruined my sobriety I have enjoyed for 2 years before your company took my property and ran me in circles into a state of confusion , anger, and rage at the fact that you can do this to a customer and just blow it off like it don’t matter.

    Here’s the highlight of all of this and yes it gets worse! I also ordered a computer tower and system that went with the above packages that were explained in the above events. This particular package was delivered on time but from the same warehouse on the night the manager hung up on me and this is what happened with this Item. During the evening hours while i was still on the phone with your rep I heard a loud thud on my door and then a slam outside my door, I opened to door to find my main computer tower in a very damaged and poorly wrapped box, a box with no fragile labels, no care of wrapping or protecting this expensive and important to my work item.

    I almost feel like the manger personally delivered this and wrapped it based on how I was treated by her but I could be wrong, that might sound crazy to you but listen to those calls where i did nothing wrong, look at what i was put through and how I was treated and lied to and for what reasons? anyway this package I took photos of like the rep i was still on the phone with told me to do and she stated she would call back the next day to help me with a claim and attach it to this situation for someone to follow up on but guess what? do you think I got a call? a simple email? anything? I did not and after waiting all day i called the next day because when i tried to file a claim online it kept giving me an error , when i called and got another rep the started to help me with the claim and then told me I would now have to file a claim with Amazon as due to your special contract with amazon even though UPS is the one who delivered and damaged my computer that Amazon had to handle the damages. So now I have called Amazon and guess what amazon tells me, due to me ordering my package through a third party they can not file or start a refund and access the info and that the company needed to do so that all I needed to do was ask them to call amazon. That company then said before they would do that that I had to wait 7-10 days for a package return label possibly from guess who UPS because Amazon would need to return the item before a refund was requested so i called Amazon because I am now out of state because after this traumatic experience I relapsed and even injured myself and I’m now having to relocate so am am not in an environment I once felt safe in with my sobriety until I was put through this with UPS. I am unsure how long i will be at my cabin up north and i need to stay here to try to remain calm and not do anything i would regret because of how your company treated me and has still done nothing! to fix.

    Not only did I relocate and need a vacation because of this as dramatic as that sounds, I don’t want a ups delivery of any kind, I don’t want something i payed for in the care of ups or amazon in this area and i do not want to sit on the phone with anymore of you’re reps for days and days being lied to and discriminated for my disabilities and mental stress caused by your company on top of the loss of my Job and software/mod business I just started that these packages were a part of.

    UPS damaged my package, it not my problem what contract you have with amazon your company did this. I will not jump through hoops because of you’re arrangement’s which have already railroaded my life, so much stress for simple packages! words can not describe how irate I am. so now here’s my request and please keep in mind I am 100% disabled, your company has made several huge mistakes and offenses towards me and my health and consumer rights and you have tons of reviews to prove that it seems you are to big to care, If i am wrong then i guess we will see.

    Now I plan on seeking legal damages and a national acknowledgement that UPS will take action to respect and care for myself and the customers spending their hard earned money when they are affected by your company and put at a loss, a simple phone call or email will not fix this issue or make it go away. I plan on sending this email to the BBA with all of my calls and documents and photos from this experience as well as posting it to yelp, your website, amazons website, congresses website, Google reviews, twitter, Facebook and any other platform i can find and on every bad review about your company i can find. Lastly I plan on submitting this to the courts for a thorough investigation of the many unresolved cases where UPS ignores or has ignored its responsibility to follow consumer rights and laws and where I will be seeking a settlement that satisfies that damages to my property, the loss of my job and hard work , and the damages for the pain and suffering for the way i was treated and ignored and for the many times I requested a corporate official and went ignored before you guys drove me nuts and ran me in circles with the many phone calls, saying the same thing over and over again, hours and days on the phone until i snapped and I’m only half as bad off as i could get so please no more lies or running around in circles making call after call. I will take this time to request you make me an out of court offer that you think makes the statement that you, UPS are truly sorry for what you did and how your neglect has affected and damaged my life. I would like you to explain to me how you will fix this and I would like you to take into account the previous cases where corporations have put customers like myself through these things and what happened when they tried to fix it with a band aid and what ended up happening in court.

    Shoot me an offer and an apology, draft it with your attorney and i will send it to my attorney to make sure it is safe to sign. If your offers is a respectable one given the circumstances and what it could amount to in court if you wish to go that route, If it says you are going to correct this matter and in the future treat your customers affected with dignity and respect and care, and if it makes me feel that my pain and suffering is more then just a little lost money from the little man like myself, If your offer covers all of that, I will refrain from taking this overwhelming evidence and email and posting thousands of reviews on the many platforms including amazon corporate, on your twitter and website, from calling the BBA, calling congress, letting disabled vets know how they will be treated, and most importantly sitting for however long it takes to push this through court even it it takes me getting gray and old because I am tired of this treatment from you and the many other big corporations. Remember who built you up, we the people have the same right to reverse that and I am one conversation short of doing everything i can to make this a national matter.

    Again if your offer is respectful I will sign the needed legal documents to not discuss this matter ever again or post anything negative about it or UPS after my lawyers review it. I hope we can come to a reasonable settlement outside of court. And for the record as paranoid as this may sound it happens, if your corporation were to send or have anyone commit any foul play or harassment towards me that there a several sources aware of this situation including my government friend and contact for us veterans nationally and it will be thoroughly investigated. I’m not threatening you and never would I am promising you I have covered every track and asked all the questions needed and i will pursue this in court and on a national level if it is not rectified by your company. God Bless

  3. I like the information. I guess we can sue delivery companies. My lawyer said it was nearly impossible! I am going to share this with her

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