Car Accidents in Utah

One of the worst things to happen in life is to to be in car accident. Not only is it terrifying, but often a person can suffer lingering issues for their entire life. And, many can suffer from serious injuries. Often when you suffer from an accident you’ll have escalating medical bills and lost wages. Even dealing with insurance companies can require complicated paperwork that you may be uncertain how to fill out. If you have been involved in a car accident, one of the first steps should be to seek a free consultation with a lawyer in Utah.

It can be difficult thinking about the things you need to do immediately after a car accident, notifying insurance companies, getting medical treatment, notifying work, arranging for child care, and hiring a Utah personal injury lawyer. You have to do all this when you’re in pain and just want to rest.

It is tough, but it’s imperative that you call a lawyer as soon as you are involved in an accident. Our Utah car crash attorneys will help you get everything in order, explain how the process works, and work with you to get the care and treatment you need to heal.

Our attorneys can not only help you navigate the early steps, but can often help obtain higher compensation for you than if you tried to deal directly with insurance companies yourself.

No matter who may be at fault, if you’re been injured in an accident, that is the purpose of insurance—to fully cover your medical bills. So, whether you need Utah personal injury attorneys in dealing with the legal system, to fight for injury compensation from the insurance company, or to sue the other drivers for damages, get a free consultation first. We can help get you on the right path, even if we are not the best firm to help you.

What are you entitled to other than medical bills?

Our attorneys will help you recover any lost wages from work. Many workplaces today simply don’t offer paid sick time off. This means that you’ll have to worry about paying excessive medical bills during a time when you have no income coming in. Our Utah car accident firm will work on your behalf and help to get you emergency compensation so you can get by while the insurance process is worked through. Many people may also experience delays with insurance payout after being injured in an accident, even if the other party was at fault.

Remember that no matter who is at fault, you should contact our Utah office as soon as possible. We will guide you through the system, help you to get the money you are entitled to, from the insurance company to pay off your medical bills, and to protect you if they are trying to get out of paying you what is right. Crashes happen often in Utah, we are here to help.

Earner & Weaver is a law firm that represents people who were injured in automobile and accidents. It is always free to talk with us. If you have questions after a car accident, we will be glad to help. Call us at (877) 862-4635 or use the contact form to reach out.

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